Web development trends in 2019


Website development is always evolving each year. In 2019 you can expect to see new trends that can take your website to the next level. Some of the latest updates that are recently emerging and becoming popular include chatbots, videos and so much more. It’s essential to look at new trends as this can give you a guide on how to build a better website this coming year.


A research shows that in the next few years, all customer communications will all soon be automated and done through a system. An example of this is a chatbot which is an automated robot that can respond to queries in an instant. It’s is useful for businesses who have thousands of clients.

Single page site

Modern sites are all about achieving simplicity and easy navigation and this can be done by using a single page site. Instead of having different pages, all your information is displayed in a single page with a navigation tool that takes you through the different contents on the single page. It will help your website to be more user-friendly, responsive and faster-loading speed.

Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages are also known as AMP is a program that’s backed up by Google. The benefits of having an AMP is to help your website content display faster when customers are browsing through them. AMP gives you an overall faster loading speed. Your website’s loading speed is highly important to users and can affect your site traffic.

Push notifications

Push notifications is a marketing tool used by mobile app owners. Notifications are sent to mobile users who have opted in for your notifications. You can send out contents or alerts to users who have downloaded your app. It’s a great way to stay in contact with new and existing users.…

Basic digital marketing tips you need to know in 2019

digital marketing

Digital marketing has only emerged for the past few years, and it’s continuously evolving as we speak. With new technologies and new online platforms, there are always new strategies being implemented, and it’s always important to keep up to date with these new methods. If you’re starting in digital marketing, it’s essential to know the basics.

Video contents

Video sharing is more effective than images and written content. Users are more likely to watch and engage in a video post. Some of the best social media platforms that you can start using includes Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are now more effective than ever as the number of mobile users is incredibly high. Users are most likely to browse through their mobile phone compared to other devices. With mobile apps, you can use some useful marketing tools such as push notifications to keep in contact with new and existing customers.

Mobile friendly

As mentioned above, the number of mobile users is very high. This is why it’s important that you optimise your website for mobile phones. Optimised sites are mobile friendly meaning mobile users can view your website using their phone without any issues. It’s also important to be aware that your search ranking will also get affected if the site is not mobile friendly.

Customer experience

One of your primary goal for digital marketing should always involve improving your customer experience. Customer’s want to get value for their money and have expectations from a company they are buying from. So it’s always good to remember to use this basic tip for your marketing strategies.


Chatbots machine will soon play a significant role in digital marketing. In the next few years, many sites and social media platforms will be introducing a chatbot to deal with customer enquiries. There’s already a good amount of website owners who are using chatbots to provide information for customers.…

Important Aspects of Website Design and Development


This is a common rule that is not only used in images and graphic design but with web development as well. This rule cuts the page into nine even pieces, and it tries to keep the important aspects of the page that you want to be brought forward near the cut-off lines. This way, important page elements stay near the third boundaries on both the horizontal and vertical axis.


Web development isn’t all about looks, but it’s important to use SEO techniques to help market your page. This is the process of optimisation a site to be picked up by search engines, especially Google. Since search engines are the top method used by Internet surfers to find information, this is very important.

The most important on-page search engine optimisation technique you’re going to use on your web page are keywords. These are specific words or phrases that you expect searchers to type in when looking for a site like yours. Place these throughout your content at about a four per cent keyword density, as this is the amount that most popular search engines like to see.

You need to implement alternative text as well. This is text that describes the images on your site. Not only does this help search engines pick up on the image since they can’t see them directly, but this will explain images to blind people that visit your website. Be sure to use a keyword at least once in each alternative text.



Responsive website design refers to designs that are compatible with the wide range of devices and browsers now available. If you resize this window you can see responsive web design in action, media and content change position to accommodate the screen size. When designing your site think about how it might look on a mobile or tablet and how the device can affect the UX (user experience).


It is your choice to add JavaScript to your page. Javascript is the most common coding technique that is used to allow users to interact with the page. There are web building tools out there to help you create JavaScript code. However, this can get pretty complex, and sometimes web building tools can use a little help from a designer for more complicated interactions. If it’s too much trouble, this isn’t a necessary piece to site design and can be skipped.

Of course, there are times when the project at hand is simply too complicated and would need the expertise of a professional web design company.

Tools for Web Developers

web development

When the internet had just started off a few years ago, developers didn’t have to deal with different software as they were a lot more basic back then. However, the growth of the internet has changed which made building a website a lot more complex than it used to be. New tools have also been developed to make the process of creating a website more easier for web developers. We’ve listed some of the useful tools below.

Text Editors

Building a website consist of coding which means that developers would need to use a text editor to make their coding process more easier to work with. We highly recommend using TextMate for any coding work.


All websites need a hosting space. A good hosting space should have a reliable server with a good amount of storage space, traffic, great technical support and most importantly a back up in case of emergencies. There are many hosting companies online and to find the best one it’s important to look out for the factors that we’ve mentioned above.

FTP Clients

The web development process also consists of sharing or transferring files to servers. You would need to use a software that allows you to transfer large data in any formats. We recommend using FileZilla to move any of your files.

Project Management

Creating a website involves a lot of process and communication with either clients or other web developers. In able to keep track of the work and be able to communicate with the other parties, it’s ideal to use a project management software that helps you stay on top of your tasks. Many web developers are currently using Basecamp and Asana.

Version Control

Web development is all about experimenting and errors. With version control, web developers can modify anything on the website without the worry of losing any of their previous work. Version controls allow them to back up any projects whenever they need. We recommend using a software called Subversion.

Different Types of Mobile App Development

app development

There are three different types of mobile app development including web, native and hybrid. If you want to learn more about apps, it’s essential to start off with the basic. We’ve covered the three different types of apps below.


Native Apps are built explicitly for platforms that allow them to run on Android, IOS and Java apps. It’s also known as the most common type of app development. The native platform is popular as it comes with many benefits. Native apps are easily transferred to any app stores which means they can be accessed from any mobile devices. Apps are created explicitly for mobiles which means they are faster and responsive when in use. Users will have a better user experience too. You can also choose to have the app running without any internet required.

Although native has many benefits, there are also drawbacks that you may want to consider. Native is relatively expensive and probably not suitable for anyone on a budget. The app developer can only be used by experienced developers and not ideal for beginners.


Web apps are accessible on any web browsers. Many of you are probably wondering what the differences are between Web apps and websites. Unlike websites, web apps have less information for faster functionality. Web apps are not the same as the mobile apps as they aren’t downloadable from any mobile app stores.

So what are the benefits of web apps? Web apps are relatively affordable and easy to build. It can pretty much run on any platform using a web browser. On the other hand, some disadvantages include the apps are less interactive and slower compared to standard apps. The web app can also be limited.


Hybrid apps are a combination of native and web apps which means it can either run on a mobile device or a web browser. Hybrids can run on a web browser by using codings such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Top Affiliate Program Mistakes

affiliate marketing

If you want to create an effective affiliate program, make sure to avoid the following mistakes that many affiliate managers make. Otherwise, what is the point of having an affiliate network if it’s not effective at all?

Not providing your real statistics

Many affiliate programs only provide the basic statistics including the number of sales, commissions and visitors.  But of course, all marketers needs more detailed statistic to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. So for marketers to improve measurements and better market your products, affiliate managers would need to supply the following statistics:

  • Email updates
  • Past archives including daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Unique clicks
  • Affiliate links IDs
  • Instant email notifications
  • Number of subscriptions
  • Number of trial downloads
  • Number of returns
  • Number of sign up
  • How customer was referred to

Competing with affiliates

Some other companies who provides an affiliate program to others who are promoting their services often compete with them too. By competing with your affiliate networks, you are getting rid of your own network and pushing them out of business. So instead of competing with your affiliate networks, you’re better off supporting them by improving your product or offering referral statistics.

Not providing fresh promotional creatives

Affiliate managers only provide the most basic promotional creatives which usually consists of text links, buttons and a banner. So all affiliates tend to end up looking the same in almost all websites today. If you are a marketer, you know that ads perform differently on each website. With providing more options, your ads are likely to suit the website and possibly you are more likely to get a referral too. Let’s take a look at the following points on how managers can provide better promotional creatives:

  • Product Screenshots
  • Pay per click ads
  • Email signatures
  • Product Reviews
  • Customer testimonials
  • Embedded affiliate links
  • Classified ads

The Importance of Web Development for Small Businesses

web development

More and more companies are entering the market every year which means the competition is higher than ever. That is why marketing is vital for each business no matter what sizes. Almost all businesses are taking advantage of the online marketing rather than using the traditional marketing techniques. Online marketing has far more advantages including being more convenient, drives traffic, less time and less cost.

The first step for a business to market their services would be to create a website. The website should have great contents and design to attract customers from visiting. It’s ideal to approach a web developer expert who can carry out the necessary steps to create a great website for your company.


Your website plays a significant role in your branding. Your branding is almost an image of your business that you want to showcase to the world. The design of your website can affect your branding in a positive or negative way depending on the overall look of your website. Like all large businesses, they all started small with their branding name.


Business owners who have perfected their website are more likely to be approached by customers worldwide. That’s why many companies who wants to be recognised will put a lot of effort on making their website presentable and easy to use for customers.


Did you know that the design of your website can affect your search ranking? So if you are a new business owner who knows the difficulties of gaining customers at the start, focusing on bettering your website is a must especially if you want to gain more popularity and improve your ranking. The more popular your website, the more you are likely to attract more clients and more clients results to an increase of awareness in your branding too.

Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

To generate popularity for your website, gain visitor’s trust, and most importantly, keep them there for longer than 4 seconds, you’re going to have to catch their eye with attractive, professional design that stands out and is easy to use. …design that doesn’t look like it was cobbled together by the next door neighbour’s best mate with a pirate copy of Photoshop! Good designers concentrate on creating clear, eye-catching, professional designs, that are easy to read and navigate, and compliant with modern web standards. That last bit – ‘web standards’ – is important, and ignored by many: this is what ensures your site can be viewed by everyone, no matter what computer and software they have, for years to come. If you need a professional company to take over your website design, its always important to find the very best, but within a reasonable budget. Look through your local web services to find the top companies available to take on the challenge.

Many websites aren’t simply online brochures – they’re a functioning part of the business. It’s possible to integrate virtually anything you might need, be it the ability to sell online (an online shop), the ability to update your site yourself with no specific technical knowledge (content management) or the need to store customer details (databases). ‘How much does it cost?’ is the first question for most.The computer system itself will not cost much. The basic hardware and software should suffice for basic web design. Purchase software like Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop if you want additional tools. For hardware, you can buy any basic laptop for sale. Even cheap computers have enough computing power to for you to perform basic web design. As every job varies tremendously, this is something the company can only answer for definite with a carefully thought-out quote, though my guidance prices will give you an idea. The design process you’ll go through is a logical sequence, which begins by (gently) squeezing your brains to find out what you want and need for your site with a web consultation and quote.


If your website will feature photographs of your product or service, then images that look great are vital. This might be a physical product such as furniture, or jewellery, or the interior of a property. The photos should be in-focus, well-composed, with good colour balance, contrast and lighting.

To capture your products in their best possible light, it is a good idea to consider hiring someone who specialises in product photography such as Freshpack Photo who come highly recommended. They will know exactly how you product should be seen on a website and make it look visually appealing. It is definitely worth investing in as customers will buy the product which looks the highest of quality.

If you don’t have your own photographs already, there are may professional companies available who specialise in this sort of photography. For interior shots, you can create 360° ‘virtual reality’ panoramas using a specialised rotating tripod

Is WordPress Optimized for AdSense? How we Insert ads in WP

Is WordPress Optimized for AdSense? How we Insert ads in WP

Google AdSense is one of the most effective tools for monetizing a website. If your website utilizes WordPress, then you can easily integrate Google AdSense into your site to create a source of new revenue. Of course, this only works for self-hosted installations, since WordPress.com blogs do not allow for advertisements except for larger volume websites. Even for those, you have to split the earnings, making it an undesirable arrangement.

There are multiple methods for integrating AdSense code into your WordPress website in order to maximize advertising revenue. This article focuses on two primary methods.

Directly Insert Code

You have the option to directly insert AdSense code into the theme itself. You can do this by adding it to the code for your theme. By editing the code for your sidebar, header or footer, you can easily slip in an appropriately formatted AdSense advertisement. For example, one of the leaderboard formats can work well in a header or footer. A skyscraper format may be necessary if it is to fit in a sidebar.

Another method for directly inserting code is to create a widget and inserting the AdSense code within that widget. Usually a small amount of trial and error is involved until you create the placement you are looking for. You can also experiment with different ad placements until your site begins to have the click-through ad rates that generate the most revenues.

Ad Injection

The Ad Injection plugin can automate the inclusion of AdSense advertisements in your website blog posts. It provides a highly customizable dashboard which allows you to set up your ad preferences to meet your needs.

The Ad Injection plugin is not necessarily the easiest tool to master. While it is highly customizable, it can be somewhat confusing for the rookie webmaster. Many of the settings are designed to cut down on click fraud or click bombing. For example, you can omit advertisements from your homepage if you prefer. Again, you can eventually discover the best fit for using this plugin through trial and error.

Ad Injection is compatible with most Premium WordPress themes as well as the usual mix of free themes. You may simply download the plugin through the WordPress dashboard, create your preferences in the settings and activate the plugin. You will need to paste your AdSense code html into the appropriate blocks in the settings in order for it to generate the proper ads.…

The Web Design Process

The Web Design Process

Taking the essence of your business and condensing it onto a series of web pages can be a complicated process. For that reason, when designing your website, the agency adhere to a fairly logical design process, in order to deliver their services as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Creating the perfect web and graphic design for your business will take time and money to get it just right. But once you have company branding and a fresh new look, you will hopefully notice more potential clients and customers staying on your page. However, it will take some extensive planning to get it exactly how you want it and working well. This is a job that usually needs professionals. We highly recommend the services of Hertfordshire based graphic and website design company, Stable Web Design. They offer not just bespoke web design but also logo design, ecommerce and seo services.

Most professional companies will fill out a ‘Creative Brief’, the main master plan which sets out parameters for how your webpage should look and what it needs to contain and do. You can either meet up to do this, or if you feel confident, they can send you a creative brief document to fill out yourself.

They will have many questions for you at this point such as:
-What’s the nature of your business or organisation?
– What services and products do you offer?
– How are these different from other similar products and services on the market?
– Do you have a logo (and if not do you need one)?
– Do you have any colour preferences for your site?
– What theme and general styling would be appropriate?
– Do you already have any existing media (photos / images / other designs)?
…and quite a lot more.

Once you have the Creative Brief, a designer will use that to produce a fixed price quote for the design and construction of your website.

Design Process

It’s time to get together any materials that might be useful in the design and creation of your site. If you have a company / organisation logo, then this will usually feature prominently in the design of your site, and may inform theme and colour usage. If you don’t have a logo, but have specified that you need on in the Creative Brief, then you produce this first, before commencing the creative design of your webpage. If you need a professional, we highly recommend the Colchester web design services of Luminous Design. They also provide SEO services along with ecommerce development.

– If you are a member of any industry associations or accreditation schemes, then purpose-made logos can usually be found and are useful for establishing credibility on your new site.

– Do you have any existing photographs of your product or service? If not, and you’ve decided that your new webpage should feature high-quality photographs, then consider using a professional service.

– Perhaps your business is already fairly established and you have