Is WordPress Optimized for AdSense? How we Insert ads in WP

Is WordPress Optimized for AdSense? How we Insert ads in WP

Google AdSense is one of the most effective tools for monetizing a website. If your website utilizes WordPress, then you can easily integrate Google AdSense into your site to create a source of new revenue. Of course, this only works for self-hosted installations, since blogs do not allow for advertisements except for larger volume websites. Even for those, you have to split the earnings, making it an undesirable arrangement.

There are multiple methods for integrating AdSense code into your WordPress website in order to maximize advertising revenue. This article focuses on two primary methods.

Directly Insert Code

You have the option to directly insert AdSense code into the theme itself. You can do this by adding it to the code for your theme. By editing the code for your sidebar, header or footer, you can easily slip in an appropriately formatted AdSense advertisement. For example, one of the leaderboard formats can work well in a header or footer. A skyscraper format may be necessary if it is to fit in a sidebar.

Another method for directly inserting code is to create a widget and inserting the AdSense code within that widget. Usually a small amount of trial and error is involved until you create the placement you are looking for. You can also experiment with different ad placements until your site begins to have the click-through ad rates that generate the most revenues.

Ad Injection

The Ad Injection plugin can automate the inclusion of AdSense advertisements in your website blog posts. It provides a highly customizable dashboard which allows you to set up your ad preferences to meet your needs.

The Ad Injection plugin is not necessarily the easiest tool to master. While it is highly customizable, it can be somewhat confusing for the rookie webmaster. Many of the settings are designed to cut down on click fraud or click bombing. For example, you can omit advertisements from your homepage if you prefer. Again, you can eventually discover the best fit for using this plugin through trial and error.

Ad Injection is compatible with most Premium WordPress themes as well as the usual mix of free themes. You may simply download the plugin through the WordPress dashboard, create your preferences in the settings and activate the plugin. You will need to paste your AdSense code html into the appropriate blocks in the settings in order for it to generate the proper ads.

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