Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design

To generate popularity for your website, gain visitor’s trust, and most importantly, keep them there for longer than 4 seconds, you’re going to have to catch their eye with attractive, professional design that stands out and is easy to use. …design that doesn’t look like it was cobbled together by the next door neighbour’s best mate with a pirate copy of Photoshop! Good designers concentrate on creating clear, eye-catching, professional designs, that are easy to read and navigate, and compliant with modern web standards. That last bit – ‘web standards’ – is important, and ignored by many: this is what ensures your site can be viewed by everyone, no matter what computer and software they have, for years to come. If you need a professional company to take over your website design, its always important to find the very best, but within a reasonable budget. Look through your local web services to find the top companies available to take on the challenge.

Many websites aren’t simply online brochures – they’re a functioning part of the business. It’s possible to integrate virtually anything you might need, be it the ability to sell online (an online shop), the ability to update your site yourself with no specific technical knowledge (content management) or the need to store customer details (databases). ‘How much does it cost?’ is the first question for most.The computer system itself will not cost much. The basic hardware and software should suffice for basic web design. Purchase software like Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop if you want additional tools. For hardware, you can buy any basic laptop for sale. Even cheap computers have enough computing power to for you to perform basic web design. As every job varies tremendously, this is something the company can only answer for definite with a carefully thought-out quote, though my guidance prices will give you an idea. The design process you’ll go through is a logical sequence, which begins by (gently) squeezing your brains to find out what you want and need for your site with a web consultation and quote.


If your website will feature photographs of your product or service, then images that look great are vital. This might be a physical product such as furniture, or jewellery, or the interior of a property. The photos should be in-focus, well-composed, with good colour balance, contrast and lighting.

To capture your products in their best possible light, it is a good idea to consider hiring someone who specialises in product photography such as Freshpack Photo who come highly recommended. They will know exactly how you product should be seen on a website and make it look visually appealing. It is definitely worth investing in as customers will buy the product which looks the highest of quality.

If you don’t have your own photographs already, there are may professional companies available who specialise in this sort of photography. For interior shots, you can create 360° ‘virtual reality’ panoramas using a specialised rotating tripod head.

E-commerce Sites

Start accepting online payments with your new website, streamline your business operation, and draw in new sales. Only a few short years ago the emerging world of online shopping, or ‘ecommerce’, was regarded by many shoppers as a shady area, something you wouldn’t want to get too close to with your credit card details. Nowadays, that perception has completely changed, and online purchasing is seen as a legitimate, secure and increasingly established way of doing business. In fact for many businesses, even those offering traditional services, online sales and bookings become the way of generating customer bookings or product sales after developing a website.

It’s essential to have a good e-commerce design that have been created by professionals. It should be easy to navigate, show products and services being sold clearly and are easy to search for. It should also include key features such as a shopping cart. The page should have all the relevant information such as “About Us” and terms about deliveries and returns. All of these aspects, as well as needing to be visually appealing will help consumers ease of use and satisfaction.

A custom-built shopping cart can be created for your site, to match the products you wish to sell. There are several approaches to take, depending on the complexity of your online store, the degree of integration you want with your site and whether or not you are prepared to sign up for internet credit card facilities with a payment processor. There are many solutions available. The top ones recommended are PayPal, WorldPay, and ZenCart

Online Applications

You may want to do something more complex with your website, like an online test of some kind, a customer survey, or a log-in system. In that case, that’s where ‘online applications’ come into play.

Essentially these are programs on your site that aim to do something you might normally think only of doing with a program on your computer. The web is a little more complicated and restrictive to develop software for, compared to desktop operating systems, but with ingenuity it’s possible to achieve just about anything. It’s possible to program online applications in a combination of PHP (a modern open-source programming language), JavaScript and MySQL (a database query language).

Designers can also add an online application as part of your existing website, or factor it in, as part of the development of a new one. All application development work is done to an agreed quote. If you need to build a brand new website or already have one which needs updating and developing, professional web design companies are happy to help and make any changes you might need.

Responsive Web Design

One thing to consider with the rise of mobile and tablet technology is weather your website performs well on a range of devices. Google have introduced ranking metrics for sites that don’t work or have bad User Experience on mobile devices. With this in mind it is worth investing in a responsive website for mobile and tablets.

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