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When the internet had just started off a few years ago, developers didn’t have to deal with different software as they were a lot more basic back then. However, the growth of the internet has changed which made building a website a lot more complex than it used to be. New tools have also been developed to make the process of creating a website more easier for web developers. We’ve listed some of the useful tools below.

Text Editors

Building a website consist of coding which means that developers would need to use a text editor to make their coding process more easier to work with. We highly recommend using TextMate for any coding work.


All websites need a hosting space. A good hosting space should have a reliable server with a good amount of storage space, traffic, great technical support and most importantly a back up in case of emergencies. There are many hosting companies online and to find the best one it’s important to look out for the factors that we’ve mentioned above.

FTP Clients

The web development process also consists of sharing or transferring files to servers. You would need to use a software that allows you to transfer large data in any formats. We recommend using FileZilla to move any of your files.

Project Management

Creating a website involves a lot of process and communication with either clients or other web developers. In able to keep track of the work and be able to communicate with the other parties, it’s ideal to use a project management software that helps you stay on top of your tasks. Many web developers are currently using Basecamp and Asana.

Version Control

Web development is all about experimenting and errors. With version control, web developers can modify anything on the website without the worry of losing any of their previous work. Version controls allow them to back up any projects whenever they need. We recommend using a software called Subversion.

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